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Saturdays are nice

A water monitor lizard crawls on top of the outside bathroom wall
The Alu is going for a walk

Today was another day filled with animals. It started when we were getting up in the morning. While mom was showering in our outside bathroom, the water monitor lizard that seems to live in our roof left the building for a walk and was strolling on top of the bathroom wall.

A nice panorama of the coloured small fishing boats anchored in front of the fishing harbour. The calm sea has a slightly greenish color and the sky is of a dark blue with a few white clouds in the distance.
The fishermen have come back

After breakfast, we went to the local fishing harbour, where many boats were anchored in the bay. The fishermen had come back. It was very nice to see the small, coloured boats on the calm sea.

When we arrived home, we found Gertrud standing in her new preferred observing spot, the top of the wall, next to our gate. It was cute how she tilted her head when she heard something – probably the Alu coming back from his walk – on our garage roof.

A banana plant has made a flower. The first petals have already opened and the tiny bananas are visible.
Our banana has made a flower!

But the coolest thing for today was, when we discovered that one of our banana plants had made a flower. So, the banana-harvesting-countdown had started again! 😛 😛

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