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A short Sunday morning trip

A young man is sitting on a white, sandy beach. In the background, we can see the blue sea with small waves. The tide is coming in. The sky is blue with very few small foamy clouds on the horizon.
Yves enjoys the morning on the beach

Since Yesterday’s short trip had been very nice, we decided to visit a beach we hadn’t seen for a very long time. As we arrived early in the morning, it was still pretty deserted, but we could already see from the newly built Warungs that the place probably would be crowded later.

On top of the cliff that rises over the beach, somebody placed an old aeroplane. Probably a Boeing 737 or Airbus 330. The aeroplane wreck looks displaced in the green scenery with the rocky cliffs.
That aeroplane looks so displaced

Last time that we visited this beach, there still had been no road to access it. So, we had to climb down for about 300 steep meters. Now, a road was built and motorbikes and most likely also cars can almost park on the white sand. Somebody even had the idea to put a wreck of an aeroplane on top of the cliffs. 🙄

The mossy rocks on the beach in the right half will soon be covered with the seawater that is coming in with the tide on the left half of the photo.
Luckily, we still have a few minutes on our own

Our stay on the beach was very nice. Unfortunately, we couldn’t really swim because the currents and the incoming tide were just too strong. When we left, there were already quite a few tourists arriving, so we were happy to leave the spot.

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