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Some Sundays are special

Yves sits on the blue cushion of the outside bench with Gertrud, the hen, sitting down next to him
Gertrud is pretty cuddly today

When we were having breakfast outside this morning, Gertrud behaved pretty strangely. First, she hopped onto the bench where Yves was enjoying his coffee and sat down next to him.

Then, she suddenly started to try to hide behind Yves’s shoulders and next, started to crawl all over his stomach. As we found out later, she was looking for a nice, comfy and cuddly spot to lay an egg. 😆

A small beach surrounded by average high rocky cliffs. The greenish water of the tide is coming in and the waves start crashing on the shore.
The high tide is announcing itself with waves that become bigger and bigger

While Gertrud was laying her egg in her house at home, we decided to go for a short walk on a nearby cliff. The tides was coming in and the waves that hit the rocks on the shore were growing bigger and stronger from minute to minute.

I was having a lot of fun hiding behind a rock while the strong waves crashed against it behind me and splashed all over me. But see for yourself in the film above. 😆 😆

Yves and his dad are hiding behind a tall rock while a huge wave smashes against the rock behind them and splashes all over them
Dad and I are having fun

At the end, dad also joined me and we were enjoying the splashing waves together. The fishermen on the nearby cliff were giving us strange looks first, but then enjoyed the spectacle, too. 😆 😆

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