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Look at this delicious lunch!

several plates with balinese delicacies are arranged like a flower on a bamboo mat. There are chicken meat, grilled shrimps, sliced pork sausage, sambal sauces, fried fish pieces, fried chicken skin and more.
Ibu Yani spoils us with her food

Just before we wanted to grill our shrimp skewers today, our friend Bu Yani called mom on her mobile phone and told her that she should come to the main road. Mom, and of course dad and I too, couldn’t believe our eyes when we unpacked the bag that Bu Yani had handed mom. Just look at all the delicacies Bu Yani had spoilt us with! 😯 😯

She and her family had done that before and it had always been a feast! Of course I could hardly wait to devour the menu. Since we had already prepared the shrimp skewers, we just added the grilled shrimps to the table. 😛 😛

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