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That was a nice Sunday

The beach is deserted, and the tide is low. There are only very small waves arriving at the shore and the sky above is dark blue with a lot of fluffy white clouds
Look at that view! Isn’t it gorgeous?

As the weather was quite good today, we headed for a short walk on the beach after breakfast. Look at that panorama! Isn’t it beautiful with the calm see and all the clouds?

Yves is playing Magic the Gathering online with his friends. We're in the middle of the game and we can see all the cards on the battlefield on Yves' desk in bird view.
Phew, that’s a match!

In the afternoon, I played a match of Magic the Gathering online. It’s quite cool to play with the Software Spelltable. You can enjoy playing with folks from all around the world. When mom saw my table, her only comment was: “Help, what a mess!” 😆 😆

But for Magic the Gathering players, the scenery above is all, but a mess. 😆 😆

The Master, our Tokay Gecko is crawling across the white wall.
Look who’s paying us a visit!

Later, when we were having dinner, the “Master of Disaster”, the Tokay Gecko which is living in our roof, paid us a visit. It had been quite a long time since we last met him, and we were happy to see that he was ok. 😆

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