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Yves Straten aka Fonzie

This is Yves Straten's (Fonzie's) diary

Sunday breakfast on the beach

Yves is sitting on the beach, having breakfast using our military fork, knife and spoon set. He's a bit annoyed that mom is taking his picture.
Ok, can I eat now?

Since the weather looked quite nice this morning, we decided to have our breakfast on the beach. For quite some time now, we’ve been picking up the food at our friend’s warung in our metal bowl tower. Mom had ordered three military fork, knife and spoon sets on the internet and so we were perfectly equipped for our plan. Ah, I forgot the coffee. Well, that one, we had prepared it before leaving our home and filled it into a glass bottle. In our “beach-breakfast-bag”, we also have three wooden cups for the coffee. Perfect, isn’t it? 😆

(**Note by mom: Yves has an a bit annoyed look on his face because he was hungry and wanted to eat while I insisted taking a photo of him 😉 **)

The sea is still calm, but at the horizon, storm clouds are forming and approaching very fast.
Ok, we better get going…

While we were having breakfast, the weather suddenly started changing. A string wind came up and dark stormy clouds formed on the horizon and started approaching. So we better packed our stuff after having finished and headed home. 😉

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