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A short trip to Pandawa Beach

The road has been carved out of the yellowish coral rock, that's why we have high walls of about 30 meters at our left and at our right. In about 500 meters distance, we can see the blue sky and the sea in the gap that the road forms in the cliff.
Wow, they cut quite a scar into the cliff

Mom and dad had read about a new access to Pandawa beach, and since the weather was quite nice today, we decided to give it a try. To access the beach from this side, they had carved quite a scar into the coral cliffs. It almost seemed like driving through a tunnel.

We're about 30 meters above sea level. Close to the shore, the water is shallow and there seems to be a small coral reef. On the horizon, we can see the deep ocean. Below us, there's lush jungle vegetation.
There’s still quite a lot of height between us and the sea

When we exited the gap between the cliffs, we noticed that we were still quite high up. From here, we could see the coral reef and the lush vegetation below us.

When we arrived at the beach, we parked our motorbikes at the newly built parking lot and headed to the seashore. The water was nice and clear and that’s why I decided to have a swim.

Yves is touching the top of a white fake lighthouse tower
Look at that small lighthouse!

As we had arrived quite early, we were still alone, and so we decided to explore the are a bit more. After a few meters, we came to the main part of Pandawa beach where a lot of touristic infrastructure had been put up since our last visit a few years ago. They had even built some sort of a lighthouse. Unfortunately, we couldn’t access it.

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