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A very special movie event for Christmas Eve: Die Feuerzangenbowle!

After our Christmas Eve Dinner, we watched a particular German film: Die Feuerzangenbowle. Since the weather was bad, we couldn’t watch it on our terrace, but mom and dad had a genius idea: We closed our white curtains and just projected the movie on these. It looked spectacular, especially because the fairy lights were on and gave the movie an even more special atmosphere and surrounding. It really was a wonderful Christmassy experience. 😀

Our Christmas Eve dinner: Potato Latkes with smokes Salmon and sour cream. Accompanied by a glass of chilled white wine.
Our Christmas Eve Dinner was delicious!

By the way, this was our Christmas Eve dinner: Homemade Potato Latkes with smoked Salmon and sour cream, accompanied by a glass of chilled white wine. We all loved it!

(*** Note by mom: Traditionally, we never eat meat on the day before Christmas, only fish ***)

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