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A relaxing Sunday morning promenade with interesting findings

Yves is sitting in front of a big mirror shard that is leaning against a rock. He's visible from the back, and his front is visible in the mirror.
Cool reflection!

As we often do on Sundays, we went for a nice promenade this morning. It was quite funny because we explored a part where we hadn’t been yet. While walking on a road, we came across huge mirror shards that somebody seemed to have discarded there.

The street ends on a green field with a few high trees that have flat canopies high up. The sky is blue with just a few scattered cirrus clouds.
Wow, what a nice spot!

A bit further, the road ended on a lush green field with a few high trees. There were also some huts with people living in them. They were very friendly and in a good mood when we greeted them.

Two Monarch Butterflies are sitting on a branch of a small shrub
Look at that! Monarch Butterflies!

Mom could hardly believe her eyes when she saw two Monarch Butterflies sitting on the branch of a shrub. She had met them in the USA many years ago, and didn’t know that they even called Indonesia their home. 😯

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