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Elfriede’s first egg in our home

30. December 2021

Elfriede laid her first egg in our home today. She had already laid an egg at her old home but this one was the first…

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Elfriede and Gertrud, our new Roomies

28. December 2021

Today, we could finally pick up our two new roomies, Elfriede and Gertrud from a nearby chicken owner. You can read more about this here.

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My Junior High School Graduation

11. June 2021

Today was my graduation from Junior High School! Because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the ceremony had to be held online. But it was great…

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I’m changing school to the CH Cendekia Harapan School

21. January 2020

Since my old school, unfortunately, decided not to offer a 10th grade and the IGCSE exam anymore, I had to switch to another school. We…

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I nailed the Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint!

29. July 2019

I could hardly believe my eyes when I came to school today. Finally, the Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint-REsults were in and I had scored amazingly!…

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Wakeboarding is cool!

16. November 2018

I tried Wakeboarding for the first time today and it was amazing! One of our friends works at a Wakepark and so we decided to…

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My new favourite band: Lolot Band!

08. September 2018

I watched the first concert of my new favourite band today: Lolot Band. They are absolutely great and I even had the opportunity to go…

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I nailed it in French!

08. June 2018

Wow! I was such a brave student that I received a diploma from my school for my achievements in French. I was very proud and…

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My first day in the AISB Lower Secondary School.

09. January 2018

Today was my first day in my new school in Bali, the Asian Intercultural School Bali, short AISB. I was very excited as I had…

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I’m moving to Bali, Indonesia

18. December 2017

You won’t believe it, but I’m moving to Bali, Indonesia today. We packed all our stuff in our home away, so that we could rent…

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My first day in Lower Secondary School – Schuola Media

15. September 2016

Yes! I finally finished elementary school and now I could go to the Italian Schuola Media, which is the Lower Secondary School. Since I didn’t…

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My Graduation from Elementary School

08. June 2016

Today was my Graduation day from Elementary School. Sadly, my school didn’t hold a graduation ceremony but we had some strange sports day. Although we…

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My first music concert

25. July 2013

Wow! I can hardly believe it! I went to see Woodkid’s concert in Rome with my parents today. It was so amazing! The music was…

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I have an Italian ID card!

05. March 2013

Since we wanted to travel with an airplane but only on a domestic flight, it was easiest to no use our passports but our Italian…

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My first day in the Elementary School

14. September 2011

Today was my first day at the Elementary School in our neighboring village. Since all my friends from Kindergarten went to another school, I met…

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My Graduation from Kindergarten

10. June 2011

My Graduation Ceremony from Kindergarten was today. That means that I’ll go to Elementary school in the next school year. I can hardly wait to…

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My first day in the Italian Kindergarten, the Schuola Materna

14. September 2009

Finally, the new school year started an I could go to the Italian Kindergarten. It was absolutely cool to meet all my new friends. You…

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I’m moving to Italy!

01. July 2009

Today, we packed our bags for the last time and departed on our final trip from Germany to Italy. We already transferred most of our…

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My first day in the german Kindergarten.

02. February 2009

Finally, our request got approved and our waiting list spot was transformed into a confirmed place in the german Kindergarten. I could hardly wait to…

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I can ride a bike on my own!

09. April 2008

When one of my supporting wheels broke off today, my mom told me that we either had to stop riding the bike or that she’d…

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My first time skiing!

16. November 2007

Today was the first time I tried my skis. I really enjoyed it although I still needed quite a bit of help from my mom….

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Wow! I’m a real estate owner!

15. May 2007

Well, today I received my own house. Yes, you read it correctly: I’m a real estate owner now! My house is cool! It has a…

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My first Macintosh Computer!

08. October 2006

Can you imagine that I received my first own Macintosh computer today? A Macintosh Powerbook 145B! It’s super cool and I like playing with it!…

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Flying through the air… ta..ta.. taaaa!

16. August 2006

Today was the first time I traveled on board of an aircraft. I loved it! It was super cool to fly from Munich to Florence…

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I can walk on my own!

13. July 2006

Cool! Today, I managed to walk on my own for the first time. Although I only made a few steps, it was still amazing! One…

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I learned to stand on my feet

22. March 2006

Yes! Although I still need something to hold onto, I learned how to stand on my own two feet. That’s cool! I’ll soon be running…

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I can crawl!

11. March 2006

I managed to crawl on my hands and knees for the first time today! Mom was very surprised when I wanted to grab her camera…

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I learned how to sit!

14. November 2005

I finally managed to sit for the first time. Not all alone yet, I still hold mom’s or dad’s hand or finger, but I’m exercising…

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Yes, finally I can roll over!

08. November 2005

I finally learned how to roll from one side to another and turn from my back on my tummy. Yes, the first step towards independence!…

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My second great-grandmother and my grandparents

19. September 2005

My great-grandmother and my grandparents from Germany came to visit me today. They wanted to spend a few days in Italy, and so they stopped…

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My great-grandmother and my grandaunt

12. July 2005

Today, I met my great-grandmother from Switzerland and my grandaunt from the USA for the first time. They both came to visit me. It was…

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Our first promenade…

03. July 2005

Today, I could test my new pram during my first promenade with mom and dad. It was so relaxing that I fell asleep… You can…

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At home, finally!

01. July 2005

Initially, the nurses wanted to make my mom and me stay over the weekend, but my mom was quite fed up with the hospital and…

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My birth!

27. June 2005

Yes, guys, today, at exactly 11:00 am, I saw the lights of the day for the first time. You can read more here.

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Now you can “hear me”

10. June 2005

My dad accompanied us to the CTG check. That’s when they recorded my heartbeat. Since my dad brought his phone along, you can hear me…

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Haha! Yes, I’m a boy!

14. March 2005

Although my parents somehow already knew, they received the confirmation from the doctor today: Yes, I’m a boy! You can read more here.

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The first picture of me

13. December 2004

When the doctor examined my mom and me today, he took the first picture ever of me! You can read more here.

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Hello world!

11. December 2004

This morning, my mom’s pregnancy test was positive and she and my dad knew that I would be born in a few months. You can…

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